Volunteering at Pooha-Bah    

Some who do not have a specific health or spiritual concern may want a calm healing space for personal reflection, or to share Newe culture and spirituality in a community atmosphere.  We invite such applicants to volunteer.  We depend on volunteers for simple daily tasks and maintenance projects.  Pooha-Bah also welcomes pre-arranged work parties, such as student groups.  We usually work in the morning, after Sunrise Ceremony and breakfast. The rest of the day can be used to explore the land, library, and visit with others.  Stays are limited to three days without prior arrangement, and volunteers are expected to work 4-5 hours a day.

Pooha-Bah is a work in progress!  When purchased in 1998, the facility had been uninhabited for 8 years and was in a very bad state of disrepair.   We now have four pleasant family rooms and a men's bunk house, a large community room, dining area and kitchen, bath house and office, workshop and men’s dormitory in addition to the staff residence. We have solar electricity operating the bath house so far, but intend to go completely ‘off the grid’ when funds are raised for more solar panels.  Pooha-Bah has also installed a wetlands system for gray water and another for hot pool run-off.

Immediate projects include: 

  •  Repair pool house damage caused by extremely high winds last fall 2016.  Estimated cost: $16k.

  •  Upgrade to ADA accesssiblity estimeted cost $5k.

Volunteer opportunities at Pooha-Bah include:

Cleaning. Building housing for and installing composting toilets. Landscaping maintenance. Drywall and painting in the office and community room. Indoor and outdoor painting. Chopping firewood.