Newe Sacred Sites Protection Program

Newe sacred sites such as the Tosawihi (White Knife) Chert Mine, the Bah-Tsa-Gom-Bah Ceremonial Grounds (Rock Creek, a threatened sacred site, see photo at right), Mt. Tenabo, numerous hot springs and many other sites are under increasing attack as mining, geothermal energy and residential development expand in Nevada. 

Annually we have soring gatherings at Yucca Mountain.

Currently, BLM land surrounding Bah-Tsa-Gom-Bah has been opened for sale, near Battle Mountain.  This is a very sacred site for burial, healing, and other important ceremonies for many Newe communities. For many years, Pooha-Bah people have advocated and organized for its protection among Newe and our allies. 

Twice a year, In June and August, Pooha-Bah people lead three day spiritual gatherings at Bah-Tsa-Gom-Bah.  We also assist with several other gatherings such as Yucca Mountain and the Currant Mountain Labor Day gathering which is focused on Newe youth.  Sites are also used at other times for individual ceremonies.