The History of Pooha-Bah 

Pooha-Bah was established in 1998 by Corbin Harney (1920-2007), an Elder and Spiritual Leader.  Corbin Harney had a vision of a center where all people could come to receive traditional healing free of charge and share prayers for what he called "the nature way of life". Hot springs have been always been used by the Newe for healing. In his search for the right place, Corbin Harneylooked throughout the Shoshonean homelands for decades, and believed that the Tecopa mineral waters contain strong properties that promote healing of many conditions. The water here spoke directly to Corbin Harney and said, “I can help you if you want me to.” 

In early 1998, Corbin found an old resort in Tecopa that was perfect. His strong vision motivated others, and within a few months, a down payment was raised. Several generous grants and many donations secured the site and allowed for basic repairs. Pooha-Bah is now a nonprofit religious church.

About Corbin Harney, 1920-2007 

Corbin Harney passed on to the Spirit World on July 10, 2007.  He was an inspiration to many people of all walks of life.  Many are trying to carry on his work in different ways.  Here at Pooha-Bah, we are continuing the vision, with new energy, skills and commitment.  Below, he explains the vision in is own words.

"I wanted to established Pooha-Bah for all the people. Pooha-Bah in my language is a very important word-- it’s talking about Doctor Water.  It’s really important to have healing water here, not only as a human-- a lot of animal life have used healing water, a lot of different ways.  My people have always traveled for many miles to get into different kinds of healing waters.  This is something that we all need, and this is one reason I have looked for healing water and I finally found one in Tecopa, California. I am pretty sure that we all will enjoy the healing water if we ask the healing water to help us with our illness of all different kinds.  This is something that our people have talked about for many, many years." 

"So I got this established for the people. You are the people that’s going to have to make this work, so the water would enjoy us when we ask the water to heal us. We all going to have to take care of it the best way we can.  Let’s not try to destroy it, lets make the healing center stronger than it is, by asking the spirit of this water to be strong, to continue to heal all things." 

"This is something that I am asking you people to come out and enjoy.  Healing water needs our support by giving something to the healing water itself. For working on a lot of people for healing, I have never charged anything for my work, because the Nature has never charged us for whatever it puts on this Earth for us to take care of. I hope you can come and enjoy Pooha-Bah and learn more about the way things work."                                                

Corbin Harney's Background

Corbin Harney was descended from Newe traditional healers, and was grateful for many extraordinary teachers who shared their knowledge in his lifetime. In his last twenty years, he traveled throughout the country and the world as a key-note speaker and Spiritual Leader, with a profound environmental message for all. He spoke at the United Nations, and countless conferences, meetings and rallies and special events acrodd the continent and the globe. He is widely known as an advocate for Native American sacred sites, custom and tradition.

Traditional healers did not charge for their services. They believed strongly that since the Creator and Earth Mother did not charge a price for their gifts to mankind, such as herbal medicines and hot springs, neither should humans charge each other. Corbin Harney also had a strong desire to counter divisiveness and poverty by offering his skills to all people equally, free of charge.  His work was widely supported by donations from those he doctored, helped and inspired.

Corbin Harney was also strongly moved to teach young people, and to provide a living example of natural, ecologically friendly living at Pooha-Bah. Being more connected to Nature and to Spirit helps us heal ourselves and the Mother Earth that sustains us. He often said, "We only have one Water, one Air, one Earth. We need to take care of our Mother so that she can take care of us."