Newe Cultural Preservation & Renewal Programs

Shoshonean people have occupied the Great Basin area since time immemorial.  Some now live inon  one of the reservations or colonies, but over 80% live outside any identified Newe community, and lack cultural resources and community.  At Pooha-Bah, we believe that our well-being as indigenous people -- physically, emotionally and spiritually, depends on solid grounding in our traditional identity and practices, including language, social customs and ceremony.  However, there are many challenges to our cultural survival.  Traditional Western Shoshone domain is spread out over four states. At Pooha-Bah, we keep Newe culture and traditions alive, and share with other Newe and the next generations.

Newe Language Mentoring Program:  Contact Darlene Graham if interested at (775) 761-3928.  Darlene Graham has developed her own language CD and workbook for a course that is accredited through the University of Nevada at Reno. Other board members also speak Newe language.

Newe Cultural Preservation & Renewal Program:  Ongoing through-out the year in workshops and at special events and gatherings, Pooha-Bah people share traditional skills such as basket weaving, and harvesting and using medicine plants. 

Poo-Ha-Bah people also share the Sunrise and Sweatlodge Ceremonies monthly at Newe communities such as Elko and Fallon, as well as at Pooha-Bah.  During these ceremonies, wisdom is shared about traditional ways, environmental concerns, and living in mental and spiritual balance without addiction or violence.

Newe Spiritual Gatherings:  Pooha-Bah people help lead three day Native Women’s and other Spiritual Gatherings and Youth Gatherings.  These are good times to learn about history, as well as current human rights, environmental justice and land rights issues.  Participants share knowledge, daily ceremony, stories and traditional ways, as well as discuss concerns, goals, strategies and skills for the future. At these and other times, Darlene Graham teaches about medicine plants and their use, and about the Medicine Wheel, which offers many tools for good living. 

Your Organizational Retreats & Workshops:  Pooha-Bah can provide accommodations for your groups of up to 20, such as planning meetings, workshops, board retreats and development training. If your group is interested in a Pooha-Bah style retreat, please call to discuss your needs.