How You Can Help Pooha-Bah

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Pooha-Bah exists because of the generosity of many people expressed in many ways.  Please join our support circle, and help share our vision. 

Financial Gifts: Please send gifts of any amount to Pooha-Bah at PO Box 29, Tecopa CA 92389. Please share information about Pooha-Bah with individuals, groups or foundations who might support our mission.  Day to day operations and repairs all cost a lot of money, and we make every penny count!  We really depend on individuals who have shared many small or large gifts as they are able. Pooha-Bah is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  We provide a written receipt for all donations $50 and over, or upon request.  See Volunteers for immediate project needs.

Time & Skills: Please join us for a while and volunteer. Enjoy the community spirit and team work. See Volunteers for more information.  

Speaking Engagements & Fundraisers: If you are interested in supporting Pooha-Bah's mission, please invite us to speak at your special event, college class, or dedicated fundraiser.  Our PowerPoint presentations and speakers about Pooha-Bah and related topics are very popular with a wide range of audiences.