Healing and Life Ceremonies Program

At Pooha-Bah we want to use what we have been given by the Creator and Mother Earth to heal all life.  The hot mineral waters at Pooha-Bah are completely pure and have the best qualities to promote healing for many different conditions.  We have a large warm pool and a small hot individual pool for healing use and a Sweat Lodge on site.  If needed, medicine plants and local clays might be recommended.  Massage  can be very complimentary to hot water treatment and may be available from nearby practitioners.

Participating in ceremonies at Pooha-Bah also provides healing support for spiritually-based illness or distress not addressed by Western medicine.

We also help with important life cycle ceremonies. To confidentially discuss your needs, persons may contact Darlene Graham directly at: (775) 761-3928 or by email: d.shoshonenewewaipi@yahoo.com.  Chet Stevens is also available for men’s ceremonies, mixed Sweat Lodges and individual healing work.  These services are available to all people as well.