Environmental Justice

For many years, Pooha-Bah speakers have traveled throughout the planet, providing first hand expert testimony on nuclear issues and their impact on the environment. Shoshonean traditional cultural life-ways are impacted with damaging results on Shoshonean cultural and spiritual survival.  Based on lifestyle differences indigenous Shoshonean exposure to radiation from WMDs is significantly higher than the non-indigenous people. We speak and offer lectures to governments, NGOs, groups and classes .  We collaborate with other Native American stakeholder groups and  environmental justice groups to educate, advocate and motivate for health, safety and protection of Shoshonean peoples lifeways.

Shoshonean health, wildlife, water, lands, and medicine plants have been adversely affected for many years, due to fallout and other pollution from the Nevada National Security Site (formerly the Nevada Test Site) and destruction, poisoning and de-watering from massive gold mining projects--the rape of Mother Earth.  The  proposed Yucca Mountain High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository is also planned for Shoshonean domain, and would place the nation's irradiated nuclear reactor fuel over an aquifer that spans most of Shoshonean domain.

Darlene Graham, Fallon and Pauline Esteves, Death Valley grew up in communities surrounding the Nevada National Security Site, watched the mushroom clouds in the 50s and 60s and slept outside under dust clouds in hot summer months.  In their families and communities, they have seen unnatural rates of illness.  Traditional Shoshone who harvest foods, medicine plants and wild game are particularly vulnerable to higher does of radioactive toxins. It is also not just the human beings.