About Visiting Pooha-Bah

Pooha-Bah is a healing center, not a resort or a spa. Following the tradition of all Newe healers, Pooha-Bah does not charge a fee for ceremonies or for the use of the hot water. However, the pools and bath house must be cleaned and maintained daily, and each of us must balance what we receive and help Poo-Ha-Bah continue in a good way. These days, ponies need gas, not grass, and all donations of funds, food, and some goods as needed, are always very welcome.

Cultural Integrity:  The cultural and personal comfort of Native Elders at Pooha-Bah, whether guests or directors, is our first priority at all times.  For the sake of everyone unfamiliar with traditional Shoshonean lifeways, our Guidelines are posted in guest rooms, and in specific places such as the kitchen and bath house.  We also provide Moon Time Guidelines for women.   

Your Organizational Retreats & Workshops:  Pooha-Bah can provide accommodations for your groups of up to 20, such as Planning Workshops, Board Retreats and Development Training. If your group is interested in a Pooha-Bah style retreat, please call to discuss your needs. 

Before Your Visit: While we welcome visitors, please contact us before hand rather than visiting unannounced. Our Pooha-Bah Brochure and  Moon Time Guidelines for women are  a must read. Pooha-Bah is located in Tecopa, CA, in the Amargosa Desert. It is 50 miles north of Baker, CA, 90 miles west of Las Vegas, NV, and 35 miles southwest of Pahrump, NV, the nearest large town. See Our Local Map.

We ask that you follow our guidelines while visiting: 

No weapons, alcohol or illegal, non-prescription drugs. 
No animals or pets unless permission is given first.
Everyone gets up for Sunrise Ceremony together.
If you are able, you will be expected to assist in daily chores and work projects for 4-5 hours a day.
If you need a special diet or want snacks, please provide your own food.
Modest language and clothing please; no short shorts, tank or halter tops.
The healing pool is used for healing only and not recreation.
No mixed bathing in the pools unless given permission.
Please wear bathing suits and footwear in pool house and a bathrobe when outside.
Long hair (men & women) must be tied up or under a bathing cap in the pools.
All children aged 16 and under must be supervised by a parent at all times in the pool-house.
Women, if you may be on your ‘Moon Time’ (or period), please see  Moon Time Guidelines.

Comments from Pooha-Bah Guests:

From Lee Dazey, Western Shoshone Defense Project

Away from the hustle bustle of the city or a busy office, Poo Ha Bah provided a generous space for our organization's board, Shoshonean Brothers and Sisters to focus upon our issues from a fresh perspective while at the same time providing a relaxing retreat and healing hot waters for to renew themselves and balance the outer work with the inner. Far away enough from the lights of Las Vegas, it is possible to see all the stars and planets at night lending itself to finding clarity in our thinking and  a quietness permeates Poo Ha Bah that allows the wind, birds and animals a voice in the decision making. Many thanks to Corbin Harney for his vision of Poo Ha Bah, the spirit of the place, those who worked hard to build it and the special staff who make you feel welcome to be there.

Excerpt from Rhonda O'Kane          

I had been diagnosed with moderate to severe osteoporosis and arthritis. I had been experiencing increasing back and hip pain... I was told at that time that I would need to restrict my normal activities so I wouldn't break any bones and would be taking medications probably for the rest of my life... My daughter had met and talked to Corbin the summer before... She really liked Corbin and thought the place sounded interesting. When she heard about my condition, she suggested we go there and check it out. I was a little skeptical but we called and set up the trip for November.

Corbin is a true healer. I had three healing sessions with him... [In] the first one Corbin could see the pain as red down my spine. The next two, the red and the pain were turning white and I felt more comfortable. During the third healing I had an incredible and very personal experience which for me is still very vivid and real... I went to Poo-Ha-Bah hoping for some sort of physical healing. I came away with a spiritual healing and the realization that a sick spirit creates a sick body. I am eternally grateful...